BIOGRAPHY Hilary O'Neill grew up in Ireland surrounded by music and folklore. She studied singing in London, Hamburg, Berlin and Adelaide, and has worked Internationally as a concert artist. As a classically-trained singer with a degree in vocal performance, her grounding is in the genres of German Lieder, art song, and opera. However, her fascination for other forms, such as jazz, cabaret and Celtic song, has led her to develop a diverse repertoire, drawing on a range of musical influences and cultural backgrounds.
Based for many years in Berlin she has toured extensively throughout Germany and Switzerland endearing audiences with her one-woman shows.       
With her trademark Irish humour and charm, Hilary embellishes her performances with original stories – often in rhyming poetry or prose – all inspired with passion and a depth of understanding of history and traditions.
Her shows include songs and stories that explore such timeless themes as: new love and love lost; travel to new lands; hope for new beginnings; longing to return home; joyful songs to uplift the spirit; calming lullabies; and folk tales full of mischief and fun.
Acclaim for her work has been widespread, both from press and audiences alike. Whether performing in an ancient European castle, a magnificent church, a local theatre, or a garden; she transforms the space into a sanctuary of listening pleasure and inner enrichment.


"...her stories and songs sweep her audience on a journey that reaches to the deepest chasms of the soul, taunting the extremes of human emotion with pathos, humour and dream." Kieler Nachrichten

"Absolutely magical – the best evening ever.“  - Angelica

"That she was able to characterise such towering romantic portraits as Schubert's "Der Zwerg" and Brahms' "Von ewiger Liebe" as effectively as she did was a tribute to O'Neill's strong ties with her audience, her demonstrable love of music and her fine voice" - Rodney Smith, The Advertiser, Adelaide;

"With this exquisite performance and the well-balanced program, Hilary O’Neill played directly into the hearts of the public.”   - Hamburger Abendblatt

"Haunting Celtic Harp and ethereal vocals" - Patrick McDonald, The Advertiser, Adelaide;

"Her voice is an instrument of versatile theatrical expression" - Peter Weitzner, Universitat der Kunst, Berlin.