The curious adventures of a contemporary Irish Bard

Singer, harpist and storyteller Hilary O’Neill has entertained audiences across Australia and Europe with her one woman shows for almost two decades.
In early December 2019, just prior to global disruption by COVID, Hilary returned from her last concert tour in Europe to her home in Noosa, having completed a total of 48 concerts over a period of two months. Needing a distraction from the looming pandemic and with a store of adventures to tell, she completed the first draught of her book during the first ten-week lockdown.
This book is full of amusing anecdotes of the challenges involved in setting up and touring her shows. She tells of the many castles, churches and other ancient venues she has performed in, people she has met, history ranging from the Viking era to the Nazi times and some first-hand accounts of life in East Germany then and now.
“Once in a while you find a book that you don’t want to finish; I was having such a good time travelling with Hilary and her harp - and her humour! Her descriptions of weird and wonderful people and intriguing places had me following her as she explored the history and geography of many interesting and ancient cobblestone towns, the dark castles and dusty churches,and the personal stories of the people she met along the way.” - JOHN AHERN, author "Travels with the Lincot Man"

“Hilary O’Neill is a skilled and accomplished singer and harpist with a great appetite for life. She sweeps you up in her impulsiveness and opens the door to a world of opportunity. It sounds like a dream, but it’s full of gritty reality and she tells it all with humour and open mindedness, including the ups and downs, the discomforts and triumphs.” - CATHRINE COX, arts reviewer

“An intimate record of a road less taken. Of a happy minstrel accompanied by her magical harp, her Celtic songs, and her artistic husband with his amazing puppet shows.This adventurous journey across Germany is recounted against the backdrop of the country’s complex history.Tales about the unique and often brave people she meets along the way, recalled with humour and pathos.This book is a witty delight, a feat of memory, and a truly engaging read.” - SHEILA HAWDON, author
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